Vektor Posters

I was tempted to buy this Vektor CR21 bullpup poster, until I looked at the shipping cost. It’s rare, so it is still worth it, to the collector. It probably should be on my wall, but I can’t justify the purchase + framing. If you are interested, you can grab it on GunBroker for about $30 total.
The same seller also has another Vektor poster for sale, of there general arms. Vektor no longer imports to the USA, and the CR21 never made it to civilians. However, those pump .223 rifles did. I handled one in the 1990’s but didn’t know what I was vehemently detesting at the time. Now I know exactly what it is, and I still hate it. Kudos for trying to think of a way around the import bans, but not really, no…I don’t like them.

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