SEF Tactical – Tavor Ambi Selector (In The Works)

When first holding the new civilian Tavor SAR I was not expecting the lack of ambidextrous safety selector, not after all the ambi-hype I’d heard. While not left handed, I do fire from the weak side enough to appreciate such things, not that I’m any good at doing so. I also appreciate having the muscle memory to pick up any standard AK or AR and have an expectation of controls and function, so I don’t feel tremendously compelled to bedazzle every rifle with bits of glitter and in-fashion accessories. But I doubt I’ll be handling a lot of other Tavors in my life.

SEF Tactical is currently working on a solution. They started with duplicating the original Israeli ambi selector [image below]. Now testing different variations in shape and size to make it the most comfortable on one’s trigger finger.

Image taken from where you can also read updatesand see photos on SEF’s progress.

SEFTactical Tavor Ambi


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