Black Rifle Radio: Episode 1

I have been given permission by the producer of the original show to post the complete recording of the first day on the air, 2009 March twenty-first. Unfortunately, the show is no longer on the air.

Black Rifle Radio
7:00 am on 700 AM in Utah
With Brandon Nielsen & Steve Morrison

Black Rifle Radio | 2013-03-07 | Episode 1
Download MP3 | 50 MB | Total Running Time 53:25

3:25 News hosted by Clark from Utah Shooting Sports Council. Sponsored by the Urban Warfare Center & Ops Gear. There are some audio issues with background music volume in this segment.

5:50 Short bit for advertiser Impact Guns.

6:45 A few words on the XD from Stuart Wallin, CEO of Get Some Guns & Ammo and sponsor of the talk show.

7:50 Alex Robinson of Robinson Armament (RobArms) speaks on gun rights.

9:50 Advertisements until 13:00

13:20 Steve Morrison of Mars Armament speaks with Reed Knight of Knights Armament. Topics covered include Gene Stoner, KAC quad rails, the M110 sniper rifle, AR piston systems, and manufacturing.

25:42 Advertisements until 27:58

28:20 Continuing with Reed Knight, Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms joins the conversation. Mark mentions the .50 BMG semi-auto has a foreign military contract.

30:40 The show takes a few phone calls. instead of taking advantage of the chance to speak with Reed, Alex, or Mark – the first caller asks about the XD being made in Croatia. I found it hard to listen to, knowing these manufacturing CEO’s are sitting back just listening to this. At 36:00 they are speaking with the second caller about Obama being the best gun seller or the year. A tired joke before he even took office.

37:45 Goodbyes are said to Reed Knight and lead to advertisements until 40:17

40:30 Steve speaks with Alex Robinson about the SCAR program, the XCR-L, and XCR quick change calibers.

45:00 Short bit for advertisers Impact Guns and the Urban Warfare Center.

46:00 Mark Serbu talks about the BFG-50, .50 caliber “need”, and public sales.

49:00 Short bit for Get Some.

50:40 Radio contest announcement, closing notes, and a few mentions for sponsors.

Strangely, at no time do they announce the air date. I trust I got it correct.

I typed this up at three am, when almost finished I realized I should have cropped all the advertisements out. I likely will in the near future but all of the above time references will be invalid.

There has been some talk to bring the show back, who knows what may happen – I, for one, hope they do it. A special thanks to Brandon for allowing me to post this for everyone to hear.


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