Outcasted (Short Film)

Breaking from the mold of lone scavengers, this post-apocalyptic short centers on a small group trying to work with each other, or at least live near each other. The first surprise is the lack of young-looking actors.

Two minutes in I was tired of the religious talk. Over-zealous religious characters are often written too cliché. Thankfully this noise ended within the next minute. Enter some crying. Oh…oh…more religious zealous yelling. Then the religious zealot sneaking around. Eavesdropping. Followed by the same character comforting people, people that would doubtedly value what such a person has to say.

It’s like the old saying, “there are no atheists in foxholes”. Only this is fanciful and deluded thinking of the overly religious. They may find comfort in believing they would have god to hold in their minds, however statistically foxholes are a great place to find actual atheists.

At 6:50 of 11:05 in, two men arguing, I’m not even sure what of. Maybe I shouldn’t review any more short films. A lot of humans put some serious effort into this short and it is a bit disrespectful I cannot pay attention to it. No wait, it’s the writing, mustn’t blame myself.

At 7:50 ridiculous acting now coming from the cliché religious woman. I can’t help but think such characters are written by people contemptuous with Christians. I find comfort that the bit actors can’t help but smirk.

I think someone died and their was a cover-up or it was just a lie to create a coups.

Nothing really happens.

My problem with this short comes from not caring about the characters. Unlike most of the other shorts I’ve watched recently, this one is carried by the dialogue rather than the cinema photography. The zealot should have been dabbled inbetween the conversation and character development of others. This would supply stronger contrast and wouldn’t seem like a compilation of one character’s worst-of rants.


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