SIG Sauer Double Stack .45 Auto

SIG Sauer P226 9x19mm

The Firearm Blog shared some news found on SigSauerGuns. The news is SIG Sauer’s announcement of a new .45 double stack. We’ve waited for a P220 / P226 hybrid for decades and it is finally happening. We’re not yelling with excitement because we see this as long over-due.

What took them so long? This was the only reason the P250 was of interest*, and they crippled the complete 250 series with an undesirable DAO (double action only) trigger. Though a P250 short trigger is available, I’m surprised the pistol went to production as is. What is worse – is after being in production for more than a year – they revamped the frame, making the magazines incompatible between versions. At least with FN the FNX was technically a different handgun than the FNP.

* To the author anyhow.


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