Rumor: The Freedom Group is Buying LAR?

UPDATE 2012 NOVEMBER 27: It is official, Remington Arms acquired LAR.

Right after the announcement that The Freedom Group has purchased TAPCO, it appears they are now negotiating to acquire¬†L.A.R. Manufacturing. While it isn’t final yet, I’ve now heard it from two unrelated sources.

LAR has manufactured AR15 components for Bushmaster, Remington, and DPMS. Based on in-state rumor, they were also poised to manufacture the Remington M4’s for the new military contract (though, they wouldn’t confirm it). While the contract is now going through a review process again, this does show TFG is already making plans with LAR.

As well as the recent TAPCO announcement and their purchase of some Cobb patents a few years back, The Freedom Group consists of the following:

  1. Advanced Armament Corporation
  2. Barnes Bullets
  3. Bushmaster
  4. Dakota Arms
  5. DPMS / Panther Arms
  6. H&R 1871
  7. Marlin Firearms
  8. Mountain Khakis
  9. Para USA (Para Ordnance)
  10. Parker Gunmakers
  11. Remington
  12. Remington LE
  13. Remington Military
  14. Remington PMPD

As a reminder, George Soros has nothing to do with The Freedom Group. This is a falsehood that continues to circle the gun communities. The NRA even responded by sending out an email on the topic, over a year ago, and they felt need to repeat it recently. Snopes discredited it, as did,, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and because the lie got so much attention the New York Times wrote a piece on it. Please end chain letters, I have never read one on firearms that was entirely truthful, and most are blatant lies.

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  2. Thanks for the link Suburban. I know their collection of roll marks (whatever they are actually called), from past lower receiver builds, includes a longer list.

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