Video: CZ – Vz.61 Skorpion Semi-Auto

The Czechoslovakian Škorpion was designed by Miroslav Rybář from 1959 to 1960. It was adopted in the year of its original namesake as the Samopal vzor 61 (Submachine Gun Model 1961).

While the original design was in 7.65x17mm Browning (.32Auto) it was also made in 9x17mm Browning Short (.380Auto), 9×18 Makarov, and 9x19mm Parabellum.

(List updated 2014.04.23)
CZ-91S | Semi-auto offered in all four calibers
CZ-868 | 9x19mm Parabellum, carbine, little information known
M84 | Yugoslavian licensed built Vz.61 with plastic grip
M84A | Yugoslavian semi-auto offered in .32Auto and .380Auto
SA 361 | 9x19mm Parabellum, reportedly the last of the design
SA Vz.61 | .32Auto (.380Auto also added in 2013) semi-auto made by D-Technik, also offered as stripped receiver
Vz.61 | .32Auto
Vz.61E | .32Auto with plastic grip, offered after 1990
Vz.64 | .380Auto, no mass production
Vz.65 | 9x18mm Makarov, no mass production
Vz.68 | 9x19mm Parabellum, no mass production
Vz.82 | 9x18mm Makarov, uncommon
Vz.83 | .380Auto, uncommon

The Tec-22 Scorpion and Leinad Skorpion (aka Cobray Scorpion) are unrelated firearms with only vague external similarities.

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