Video: Beretta – AR70 Field Strip

A short chat about the rifle’s chronological order; jump to 4:28 if if you would like to just see the field strip.

This is a semi-auto Italian made Beretta – AR70 marked AR70/.223 on the left and import marked Mod.AR70/SPORT on the right.

The other firearms shown are a PFL made receiver on an AR70/.223 kit build by AZEX, SIG AMT, and a SigSauer SIG551A1/SIG556 hybrid.

Firearms mentioned but not shown are the SIG StGw.57 (SIG SG510 series), SIG SG530, SIG SG540, Beretta BM59, Beretta BM62, Beretta AR70/90, Springfield Armory M1 Garand, and Springfield Armory M14.

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