ATI – GSG-STG44 Manual

ATI doesn’t currently have the GSG-STG44 manual available in digital format. German Sport Guns does have many other available manuals for download from their site, the STG44 is not currently among them.

ATI has graciously granted me the go ahead to scan my own in for distribution; “…see no issues with scanning your manual and sharing it.” I noticed many hits coming from search engine queries for gsg stg44 manual, and can only assume potential customers want to look it over. I will, of course, remove the download if at anytime ATI or GSG decides I am violating their copyright.

It’s not without creases and blemishes but here it is for download.
German Sport Guns (ATI) – GSG-STG44 | Art. Nr.444.70.01.1, 2012/MAY

Also, Oleg Volk (photographer and well known gun enthusiast) has been having fun taking photos with his new STG44: One | Two | Three


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