FN Rejoins the Pump Shotgun Market

FN has announced they are returning to the pump shotgun market with a Portugese made “P-12”.

FN – P-12 Shotgun

They used to sell the Police Shotgun which was a combat version of the Winchester 1300 line. It featured a parkerized finish, extended mag-tube, and quick acquisition large-game sights.

FN – Police Shotgun

Later they modified that to the Tactical Police Shotgun which gave it the same feel as the AR-15 which, in theory, translates to faster transition and lowered training time. The major changes were adding AR-15 styled sights, pistol grip, and stock.

FN – TPS (Tactical Police Shotgun)

A collapsing and fixed-stock version were offered.

FN – TPS (with fixed stock)

With the Connecticut closing of the Winchester & U.S. Repeating Arms factory, half a decade ago, FN concentrated on their semi-auto SLP line.

What’s different about the P-12? Rather than reword and repost what The Truth About Guns has said about it, just read their comments.

In short, there seems to be little worth saying about it. The capacity is 5+1, which is less than their older 1300 line, it has a tougher and nicer looking finish, it has a chrome lined blah blah blah barrel, with blah blah fiber sights. I assume the steel, if not all the metal, is machined in Belgium and shipped to Portugal for assembly but I’ not positive. I’d like to know if it is compatible with any other shotgun or parts. Is it really just a model 12/1200/1300? It sure looks like it. I don’t believe I can find much information about it because there is no excitement behind it. Unless they can drive the price down, I don’t see it selling well in the US.

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