Lawsuit: FN Vs. JAG Precision

In January of this year FN filed a patent infringement case against JAG Precision for use of the SCAR design in their airsoft clone. Cybergun is also part of the suit as Cybergun actually licensed the design form FN and are likely dealing with a loss in sales due to this infringement.

Assault rifle (US patent D641824)

I don’t follow airsoft nor do I participate or own a legitimate airsoft gun. But I try to keep up with FN activity, which led me to this overview of the case; which you are welcome to click on rather then typing it up myself and pretending to have actually paid attention to the details.

In fact, I’m so late in this news that it was actually reported that Cybergun got the JAG Precision booth shut down at the Shot Show this past January as well. Something that didn’t happen to ISSC for their .22LR SCAR clone at a prior Shot Show (I’ll look for the following “likeness” infringement case that presumably followed, since the final design looked quite different).


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