App: Gun Rights (iPhone)

Gun Rights is an app that is supposed to keep you up to date on legal happenings. In this task it once did well but appears almost abandoned by its curators. The News page consists of either news blurbs or links to news articles, links that don’t work from the application.

The news abstracts generally have no problems and are enough information to know whether or not I want to look into it further.

There are Tweets and Buzz sub-pages within News. The Tweets are dominated by CalGuns and so are too often irrelevant to me, where I live, and my own interests. No offense CalGuns, you do great work. The Buzz page consists of a headline, a short abstract, and a link. This would be great but too many of the links gave me a 404. To be sure, I checked this again tonight (see last photo).

To post a comment on the news story you need to login to either your Facebook or Twitter, a tactic I have come to deplore. At first it would appear to be for convenience; you don’t want to create another login for another site or service. The end result is that you now need to change settings to not share this information on your own social media accounts. Not doing so would mean each comment made would be shown on your account which is annoying.

The Events page doesn’t list anything since 2010 for my area, even though we’ve had multiple big events lately – Friends of the NRA as example. (As a personal request, if the application is ever updated, I’d like to see them post the Project Appleseed calendar.)

At this point I’m aware I’m just whining, but the frustration comes from wanting the application to work well. I can keep up with gun news online, via RSS feeds, and just general searches – but I like the application concept to make it easy to view news events while waiting. As a human, I spend a lot of time waiting. Dentist, friends, meetings, etc

My review may seem harsh, but I’d lighten up if the broken links were taken care of. This seems unlikely as the official website doesn’t even mention the application anymore.


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