Arsenal’s Very Limited Warranty

I recently had a new in box Arsenal – SLR-106UR in need of a replacement part. This firearm was still property of the FFL and had been acquired through a distributor. Arsenal responded with a serial number request and said they would send the part out immediately.

Arsenal - SLR106UR

Arsenal – SLR106UR

Upon receiving the serial number they refused service. The firearm had left their facility too long ago. From my conversation I can only extrapolate that their one year warranty starts a countdown from when it leaves their warehouse. A firearm sitting at a gun store or a distributor is a firearm with a warranty that is slowly dying.

Arsenal - SLR106F

Arsenal – SLR106F

I am a fan of Arsenal firearms. In the past six years I’ve never had to contact them about warranty work until now. Though the replacement part is not very expensive, it is still disappointing that they so easily dismiss taking care of an unfired and unsold rifle.

Arsenal - SLR107CR

Arsenal – SLR107CR

Update: Arsenal emailed back and confirmed that the one year warranty starts on the day they ship the item. My question, “To be clear, the firearm has a one year warranty starting from when it leaves your facility?” The response from Arsenal’s Customer Service, “Correct.” Confirming that a new rifle could already have an expired warranty by the time you purchase it.

Arsenal - SLR106UR

Arsenal – SLR106UR


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